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empowered, proactive, awesome you

your cycle health journey

We’re on a mission to completely redefine healthcare for women. This means empowering you with the latest scientific insights on cycle health. On your time, on your terms. Matching you with the perfect probiotic and nutritional supplements for your body—and delivering them right to your door. Giving you relevant, useful tools to ease stress and anxiety. Honoring your uniqueness, your beauty, and your power to make your own decisions.

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awesome woman sitting in a freezing ice bath

get to know yourself. down to a V

your vaginal health journey

The microscopic organisms inside the vagina are fascinating (well, we think so anyway). Collectively called the vaginal microbiome, they affect not only in how we feel and smell, but also things like sexual pleasure, UTIs, fertility, pregnancy and birth outcomes, and even risk of certain cancers.

Vaginal health is an integral part of our body’s ecosystem–but we don’t think it’s gotten the attention it deserves. So we’re changing that.

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free from UTI’s (and other uncomfortable things)

your urinary health journey

We get it. UTI’s are no fun. And we also get that they can happen a lot more than they should. Urinary health issues might also include leakage due to infections or muscle weakness. Whatever the issue—and whatever the cause—we’re here to help you get to the root of it quickly and conveniently.

And with a specially trained women’s health provider, you can get diagnoses, prevention, and solutions right from home.

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how we can help

  • Access to Awesome Woman experts in a community of women & individuals like you
  • Mindfulness and mental wellbeing tools
  • Dietitian-developed nutrition courses matched to your health needs and goals
  • Robust library of vetted, trustworthy women’s health content from Mayo clinic for any individuals interested in learning more about women’s health or similar concerns
  • Deep discounts on additional purchases:
  • Premium wellness supplements

CLIA lab-certified at-home tests Access to telehealth sessions of various specialities to match your needs

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finally, healthcare for women as it should be

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