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awesome woman wearing a hat

our brand story

Awesome Woman? The name speaks for itself. We started with “awesome” because it’s pretty awesome what women do:

Women wear so many hats. Throughout our lives, yes, but sometimes all in one day. We’re decision makers, problem solvers, peace makers, caregivers, and sometimes—we’re baby makers (wink). And we’re a whole lot more. We experience powerful highs. Happy mediums. Sometimes painful lows. Not all of it is pretty, but all of it is absolutely beautiful.

No two bodies, stories, spirits, or paths are alike. And that uniqueness makes us all the more awesome.

you’re absolutely unique

just like everyone else

- margaret mead

But what makes you unique? It’s many things: from the color of your eyes to whatever makes your heart beat faster. It’s where and how you grew up; where you dream of going next. It’s how you choose to navigate the journey of your life. So many characteristics define your individuality and distinguish you from every other.

Your fingerprint is the ultimate emblem of your uniqueness: There can never be another exactly like yours. The organization of your fingerprint is part of what makes it beautiful. The whorls, slopes and ridges on the tips of your fingers are what make your fingerprint distinct.

Just like us. Our complexity. Our beauty. Our uniqueness. Our individuality, expressed. This is the heart of our brand.

awesome woman fingerprint quote

Your fingerprint


how the fingerprint and your health and wellness care go hand in hand

Because of science, we now know that there is a really strong link between our health and all the teeny tiny microbes that inhabit our bodies and keep our innate immune system in check.

If you were to look really closely at the unique patterns of your fingerprint—like, really zoomed in—you would see that those patterns look so much like the trillions of tiny microbes that make up your microbiome: all different shapes, long, thin, short, curvy.
In a few words, your microbiome is as unique to you as is your fingerprint. And just as distinctive.
And to us, this just made perfect sense.
Our brand is about uniqueness at all levels. The squiggly lines evoke the swirling patterns of your fingerprints and the teeming world of cellular life that is your microbiome.
This incredible uniqueness deserves a totally unique and personalized approach to the health and wellness care you receive. That’s what we strive to provide, a deeply personalized experience, understanding anything that’s off balance, whether bothersome systems, nutritional support or mental wellness that’s lacking and guide you through a tailored plan, built around you, from diagnostic testing to self-management tools

where it comes full circle

the meaning of awesome and the celebration of women

This takes us back to the beginning: what it means to be awesome, and why we’re doing what we’re doing.

We’ve built a brand that is both inspirational and aspirational. One that offers women choice, purpose, and growth throughout all life stages.


We are making the conventional personal.

We are making the mundane awesome.

We are making the dull inspirational and aspirational.

We celebrate you, for all you are, however you show up. Your laugh lines, your bodies, your bellies, your curves. Your stretch marks, your sad days and your joy. The good, the bad, the high, the low, the divine inspiration and the daily grind.

We celebrate it all, because being awesome is more than a word. It’s more than a feeling. It’s a state of being.

awesome me awesome woman
awesome woman fingerprint pink

and here is our mission

Awesome Woman is part of the Awesome Health group, a health sciences company on a mission to revolutionize women’s healthcare. Why? Because we’ve been at the back of the queue for far too long: not enough money invested in research and development, no focus on the unique needs of women, and even clinical trials mostly conducted with men. It’s time for change.

That’s where Awesome Woman comes in.

We are the voice of our community. The place you come to find healthcare answers unique to you. The place where you can learn, contribute, and most importantly, understand your body better. The place where we walk your journey with you, through all life stages, and spend the time to really get to know you and your body.

To help us along, we use data, obtained from you and your body, plus AI and machine learning technology, to piece together your healthcare puzzle. We develop answers and deliver products and services that you need, on your terms.

Finally, we are a brand that stands for something. We lean into issues that are important to our community, so we can make a difference in the world. We believe that we should say and do. So we do.

Join us. And become a member of our community.
Let’s start this journey together.

finally, healthcare for women as it should be

let's get started
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